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Journal Articles

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Article Databases with Special Coverage of Religious Studies


The Religious Studies Articles & Databases page lists article databases with special coverage of religious studies. On that page you will find a link to The ATLA Religion Database -- a good place to start when looking for scholarly articles on topics in religious studies. Watch A Brief Introduction to the ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials for more information about using this database.



A Selection of Journals in the Field


General Coverage

  • History of Religions (King BL1 .H5; online)
  • The Journal of Religion (King BR1 .J65; online)
  • Journal of the American Academy of Religion (King BV1460 .N23; online)
  • Numen: international review for the history of religions (online)
  • Religion (King BL1 .R37; online)
  • Religion Compass (indexed in ATLA Religion Database)
  • Religious Studies (online)


Asian Religions

  • Buddhist Studies Review (online)
  • Buddhist - Christian Studies (online)
  • Contemporary Buddhism (online)
  • International Journal of Hindu Studies (online)
  • Journal of Buddhist Ethics (online)
  • Journal of Chinese Religions (King BL1802 .S65a; online)
  • Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (indexed in ATLA Religion Database)



  • Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture (King BR140 .C5; online)
  • International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church (online)
  • Journal of Early Christian Studies (online)
  • Studies in World Christianity (online)



  • Islamic Law and Society (online)
  • Journal of Islamic Studies (online)
  • Journal of Qur'anic Studies (online



  • American Jewish History (King E184.J5 A5; online)
  • The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy (online)
  • Modern Judaism: A Journal of Jewish Ideas and Experience (King BM195 .M63; online)


Philosophy and Theology

  • Ars Disputandi (online)
  • The Harvard Theological Review (King BR1 .H4; online)
  • The Heythrop Journal: A Quarterly Review of Philosophy and Theology (online)
  • International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (online)
  • Journal of Theological Studies (online)
  • Modern Theology (online)
  • The Princeton Theological Review (online


Special Topics

  • Buddhist - Christian Studies (online)  
  • First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life (online)
  • The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion (online)
  • A Journal of Church and State (King BV630.A1 J6; online)
  • Journal of Contemporary Religion (online)
  • Journal of Ecumenical Studies (King BX1 .J6; online)
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (King HQ1393 .J68; online)
  • The Journal of Law and Religion (online)
  • Journal of Religion and Popular Culture (online)
  • Journal of Religion and Society (online)
  • Journal of Religious Ethics (online)
  • Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (online)
  • Literature and Theology: An International Journal of Religion, Theory and Culture (online)
  • Material Religion (online)
  • Method & Theory in the Study of Religion (online
  • Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation (King BL65.C8 R42; online)
  • Religion, State and Society: The Keston Journal (online)
  • Theology and Science (online)
  • Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions (online)
  • Zygon: journal of religion and science (King BL240.2 .Z9; online)


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